Time to get the van cosy!

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

December has been a busy month, lots of table tops, mega boards and mini boards as Christmas presents being made and sent out to customers. As well as getting ready for the festivities in our house we have managed to get a little more work done on the van.


The main job has been to strip back the panelling to see what was behind and to add extra insulation. We have decided to put windows in the back of the van & the sliding door to get light in to the back without having to much glass and having the issues with keeping the van warm.


Oh and Jo bought me some wind deflectors for the van for Christmas, so I think she is finally warming to him.

We have been taping out the basic layout in the back, we have to be able to sleep all four of us in there when we are away at a trade shows, so it will require some clever thinking.

No sure if this will be the final layout, but it gives us an idea of what space we have to play with.



Lots of work in the new year to get it ready for the start of the spring trading season.

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