Frequently Asked Questions

Placing an order is really easy & does not have to be complicated.

Don't be put off by the choices available, we are here to help you.

Having trouble understanding what we can do for you? Check out the frequently asked questions and answers below. If you don't find what you are looking for, please send us an email.


Can you make table tops any size?

Yes we can make any shape or size, please email for a quotation.

How long will my order take?

Most of our products are custom made to order and have various turn around times. Each item listing will state the current turn around. For example table tops are 3-4 week from purchase date.

Can I have any thing on my table top?

Yes, we aim to create custom table tops to your requirements as long as they comply with copyright.

What information do I need to send you?

Once you have placed your order we will need pictures and information from you. For example when ordering a table top with an image of a camper van on it, you will need to send us some images of the van including front view, wheels and interior ie seats. We will also need any other artwork images (ie special flowers, animals etc) and any text that you would like on the table. The more information in the first email you send us the easier it is to keep a record of your requirements.


Do you send a sketch first?

This is something that we do not do. We are sorry but we will not provide a sketch before we start work on your item, this is just how we work. All artwork is created directly on to the item and we send images once we have finished it. Don't worry, we send you a picture of the finished artwork and are able to make small changes to it before we apply varnish. It is so important to make sure you are certain of what you want & to provide us with enough information including images before placing your order.


Can you draw other artwork, does it have to be a camper van?

Yes we can create any custom artwork, as long as it complies with copyright. If you have an idea or an image you would like simply send us an email to check if it is something we can create for you.

We love drawing camper vans and we are happy to draw any make or model you may own.

Do you add trim to the table tops?

No we don't offer this service. All table tops are varnished with three coats of exterior satin varnish and the edges are left natural for you to finish as required.

Can I add more varnish to the table top?

We do give each table top three coats of satin exterior varnish, it is hard wearing and allows your table to be used both inside and outside. If you wish to give your table another coat of varnish we recommend you use a water based varnish.