Our Business

Mini Surfboards is a small family business based in Lancashire UK,  established since 2016 we have been creating bespoke hand made decorative surfboards and table tops.

All our items are handmade in our small workshop, 

each board & table is handmade from the best quality materials, shaped & prepared before we decorated them.

We pride ourselves in the ability to create unique products to your custom requirements from images or design ideas you send to us.



Meet the Team


I am Kevin the owner and artist behind mini surfboards, in 2016 I took a hobby and made it into my business and created Mini Surfboards.
The idea behind the products I make came to me whilst on holiday with the family in Cornwall in 2008.
What started out as a hobby in my spare time making my signature personalized handmade mini surfboards, has now become my full time job.
Our family business is located in Lancashire in the UK and I work from my workshop in the garden of our home.
I create a range of decorative surfboards, from our mini surfboards that are great to hang in your rear view mirror, to 1.5m mega boards, which are ideal for parties and weddings as alternative guest books.

A few years after I had started selling my mini surfboards on eBay, a customer who wanted to commission me to make a table top for their camper van approached me and gave me the idea to start making table tops for camper vans.

Since then I have made a range of table tops of all shapes, sizes and models. Over the years, I have upgraded the materials that we use, as well as the sizes, and styles of products we offer. Each custom order has unique artwork as per each customers requirements and the sky is the limit on what I can produce.

I do not always work alone; I have help and support behind the scenes from my family, if you follow me on social media you may see them from time to time.