Demolition Week

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

So now we have the van and the family has agreed on the name we need to strip it back!

This is the easiest part of the project and also a little scary, as there is no going back. Nothing really exciting to share this week, we are in the planning stage.

First to go was the bed and the garage underneath, everything has been stripped out including the little bench behind the drivers seat. We found a set of seats on Facebook that we will be fixing in place once we have the layout sorted, it is important that the children are safe in the back when we are travelling around.

Because Kevin is like a child with a new bike, he just can't help popping to the van when he is waiting for tables to dry & doing a bit more work on the van. So this week he has also managed to take the floor up and put down some insulation. This van has to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

We are going to mark out the van next so that we know where all the electrics are going, as well as the seating/bedding, toilet & kitchen. We have a lot to fit in this van & we are not sure that everything will fit.

Lots of table orders to get on with this week, lots of Christmas presents to send out in the next few weeks so it might be a little while before we have anything else to share.

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