Change is Good for the Sole

Change is good for the sole

If you have been following our story over on our Facebook page you will know how much we have grown and continue to change!

One of the big events that we have been working towards is replacing Kev's workshop. Last year, before Christmas we took down the old workshop, (before it fell down, I am not joking it nearly did!).

It has taken quiet a bit of time and alteration to our garden, as we had to prepare it for a much bigger workshop than the one Kev had before.

Since the old workshop was taken down our extension has been made into a temporary work area and slowly orders have taken over our home!

Today is D day and Kev's new workshop will be delivered! Yes that will mean no more saw dust in my dining room and no more tables drying in my kitchen (yes that really is how much we love our work).

It is going to take a few weekends to put it up and section off. We need to zone the workshop into different areas for spraying, cutting and an area for drawing and painting.

Keep up to date on the progress via our blog, we will share more images of the progress and keep you up to date as we go, one of the decisions that is currently up for discussion in our house is, what colour to paint the out side? Any thoughts?

Exciting times a head for us at Dubtastic, we can't wait to get it up and move in!

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